"Dogs are not our whole life,

but they make our lives whole"

                                                 Roger Caras

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017 16:47

National dog show Ratiboř

Written by

National Dog Show in Polish Raciborz

4th April 2017

Judge: Anna Kochan


FUNKY VIRGINIA - debut in junior class in her fresh 9 months of age - EXC1, Junior winner

DAZZLE MY LILLY - champion class - EXC1, CWC, National winner, BOS 

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 12:31

Netolice Club show 2017

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This year´s first Club show in Netolice CZ

23 April 2017

It was the day of Chéri´s birthday and her two daughters gave her a nice present as they did very well at the show.


This was Funky´s very first show and she just couldn´t do any better I guess. She got an amazing judgment, a WOW factor puppy as the judge said.

DAZZLE MY LILLY - open class - EXC1/5, CAC, CC 

With this achievement Lily has met all conditions to become a CLUB CHAMPION! So happy and proud.

I´m very grateful especially to Vašek who was willing to spend the whole Sunday driving (10 hours!) and then outside in quite cold weather showing my crazy girls as I couldn´t participate because I had to stay home with my 3 weeks old human puppy Thea.
Another massive thanks goes to the judge Mrs. Tuula-Maija Tammelin for thinking so highly of my young briard girls and giving them the best judgement possible ... straight EXC. I really appreciate all the nice comments that you said about them! THANK YOU.




Friday, 03 March 2017 12:32

Duo CACIB Brno 2017

Written by

Lily just dazzled at Brno´s international show

February 2017


Duo IDS Brno 4. - 5 February 2017
Judges: Iveta Nováková, CZ; Jaroslav Matyáš, SK

Dazzle My Lilly Bella's Liberi - both days she competed in champion class:

Saturday: EXC1, CAC, CACIB, CAC ČMKU, BOB!!! And qualified for Cruft´s 2018



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Thursday, 19 January 2017 21:04

Nitra we love you

Written by

We just love it in Nitra, SK

January 2017


Duo IDS Nitra, Slovakia, 14.-15.1.2017
Judges: Oleg Fintora (SK), Anna Kochan (PL)

Dazzle My Lilly Bella's Liberi - both days she competed in champion class:

Saturday: EXC1, CAC

My little Lilly, she is just 2 years old, has met all conditions to become a SLovakian GRAND CHAMPION!!! 

Sunday: EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOB!!!


Lily with Emma and Funky

1-IMG 20170115 181122


Thursday, 12 January 2017 22:26

The end of show season in Slovakia

Written by

Lily and Bori at Slovakian international show in Nitra

December 2016


Duo IDS Nitra, Slovakia, 3.-4.12.2016
Judges: Barbara Müller (CH), Zaza Omarov (GE)

Boreas de Vent Bella's Liberi - Champion class - EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOS 
Bobo was present just on Saturday and with this result he completed his international championship C.I.B. and opened his Grand championship 

Dazzle My Lilly Bella's Liberi - both days competed in champion class:

Saturday: EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG 3!!!! 

Sunday: EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOB 

It was a lovely, sunny weekend and we enjoyed it very much!

Lily and Bori Nitra





Thursday, 12 January 2017 22:01

Double CACIB show in Polish Kielce

Written by

Lily and Bori in Poland

November 2016


12. - 13.11.2016 IDS Kielce, Pl
Judge: Mrs. Redlicka (PL), Mrs. Eorola (FIN)

Boreas de Vent - champions- 2 x exc1, CWC,resCACIB, and new Polish Champion!!!

Dazzle My Lilly - open, 2 x exc1, 2 x CWC, resCACIB, CACIB, BOS!!! 

Lily and Bori Kielce


Bori Kielce



Thursday, 12 January 2017 21:35

Czech Briard Specialty show in Němčice 2016

Written by

Super result for Dipp and Lily at Czech briard specialty 2016

October 2016

 Judge: Ms. Claudia Bachler, Německo

DEPECHE MODE Bella´s Liberi - opem - EXC1, CAC, CC, BEST NOIR MALE


Depeche Mode became a STUD DOG!!!


Depeche Mode + Lily 


Dazzle My Lilly


Depeche Mode


Sunday, 31 July 2016 20:20

Club show and Selectionné CZ 2016

Written by

Another huge success of CHÉRI, LILY and BOREAS at this year Czech Club show and Selectionné in Jedovnice

25 - 26 June 2016

 This year main Club show and Selectionné was judged by Ms. Marlies Werkmeister form Germany and we did quite well again :-)

DEPECHE MODE Bella´s Liberi - intermediate - Exc1, CAC, CC

DAZZLE MY LILLY Bella´s Liberi - intermediate - Exc1/5, CAC, CC

CARTIER NOIR Bella´s Liberi - open - Exc4

BOREAS DE VENT - champion - Exc3

BERGERIE MYSTIQUE Bella´s Liberi - champion - Exc2, resCAC

BON CHÉRI Bella´s Liberi - working - Exc1, CAC, CC, BEST NOIRE FEMALE, CLUBWINNER, BOB!!!!!




Ms. Werkmeister and Mr. L. Košťál were the main people who judged exterior and characters of our briards.

Dazzle My Lilly - became SELECTED (she did great in both - she got amazing exterior evaluation and passed character test with 20 points out of 20!!!). And Lily is just 22 months old!
Boreas de Vent - became SELECTED!!!

Bonnie and Cartier went through the whole event with grace and I am so rpoud of them as they passed both exterior as well as character test, however, in the final ring, they weren´t selected. Our young Dipp, Lily´s brother, was amazing, he did very well in both the test and evaluation of exterior. However he missed one point in character test to become selected :-) 


Depeche Mode 


Dazzle My Lilly

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Cartier Noir


Bon Chéri

1-Cheri BOB2016

Boreas de Vent

13509587 10207751312241924 1326389664 o

Bergerie Mystique

13483337 10208072900714657 6185148661655359810 o

Bella´s Liberi - Depeche Mode, Dazzle My Lilly, Bon Chéri, Bergerie Mystique

Bellas Liberi  BestBreedingGroupCLSH2016



Lily´s outstanding performance in Poland

June 2016


Lily and her extremely successful show weekend.


11.6. - judge: Maria Zasada, Anna Dzidt (finals FCI 1)

DAZZLE MY LILLY - intermediate - EXC1, CWC, Best female, BOB, BIG 1!!!


12.6. judge: Anna Dzidt, Boguslaw Chmiel (finals FCI 1)

DAZZLE MY LILLY - intermediate - EXC1, CWC, Best female, BOB, BIG 2!!!





Chéri and Lily dazzled in Germany

May 2016


 UEBB - European Briard Club show

Judge: Hervé Blasselle, France


BON CHÉRI - working - EXC1, VDH-CHA, resCAC!!!


cfh Club show

Judge: Jan Ebels, NL

DAZZLE MY LILLY - inter - EXC1, VDH-CHA, resCAC!!!

BON CHÉRI - working - EXC2, resVDH-CHA



Judges: Rob Douma, NL; Hervé Blasselle, F; Marlies Werkmeister, D; Jan Ebels, NL

BON CHÉRI - got the title SELECTIONNÉ of Germany!!! Only 3 out of 24 black females were selected and Chéri was among them :-)







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