"Dogs are not our whole life,

but they make our lives whole"

                                                 Roger Caras

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Sunday, 06 January 2013 19:17

Ash and Chéri hiking

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We had a beautiful time walking with our briards!!!

One December and also February weekend we decided to go walking to Beskydy´s highest mountain Lysá hora and as you can see in the pictures, we had a really great time. Especially our Bella, Ash and Chéri enjoyed that immensely!!!

IMG 3629

Chéri´s triumph at Czech Clubshow in Němčice and National show in Poland

The weekend of 6 and 7 October was very busy for us. On Saturday we attended the Czech Briard Clubshow in the beautiful surroundings of Němčice in the Central Bohemia. The judge was Mrs. Ingrid Gossens from Germany. In the competition of 60 briards we did very well and I would like to express my huge thanks to all who take a superb care of our Bella´s Liberi briards. 

BERGERIE MYSTIQUE Bella´s Liberi - junior class - Exc3/4

Bonnie showed herself just beautifully and she got an amazing evalution. We are very proud of you!

Bergerie Mystique


IMG 0152

BON CHÉRI Bella´s Liberi - intermediate class - Exc1/2, CAC, CC, BEST NOIRE FEMALE, the CLUBWINNER!!!

Chéri is purely and simply our twinkle star! Above all she is the most easy-going girl ever and then she is just gorgeous. She makes me happy every single day and I am so grateful I can have her!!!

Moreover, Chéri got the full breeding permission.

IMG 0172



ANNOUK Bella´s Liberi - champion class - Exc1/2, CAC, CC

Annouk is a very pretty briard lady, a debutant of our kennel whose greatest achievements are the titles of Clubchampion of CZ and UEBB winner 2011!



IMG 2761



The next day we went to a Polish National dog show in Rybník. We had a terrible weather, as it was pouring all the time and the show took place outdoor. We were soaking wet and I am sure you can imagine the look of a wet briard...no great shakes! We were judged by Mrs. Anna Kochan. 

BON CHÉRI Bella´s Liberi - intermediate class - Exc1, CWC, BEST FEMALE, BOB!!!


At the moment we take some break from shows and we try to pass some working exams with Chéri and Ash. And later on, in the mid November Bella´s puppies will arrive, so no time for anything else :-)

Sunday, 14 October 2012 15:06

Holidays in Croatia 2012

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We spent two amazing weeks by the sea in Croatia. We as well as our girls enjoyed that immensely!!! 

Korčula2012  204

The whole photo album Korčula2012

Sunday, 14 October 2012 15:04

Briard camp 2012

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We attended a dog camp where we were thoroughly training obedience, tracking and biting work. We also had some time for agility, walking and swimming in a nearby pond. 

You can find more images in this gallery BRIARD CAMP 2012

Vetrkovice 2012 160

Sunday, 16 September 2012 09:38

Bon Chéri in Nationale d´Elevage 2012

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Chéri at Nationale d´Elevage in France

This year Nationale d´Elevage in French Vendome was a huge experience for us. It was our first time at such a prestigious event so our expectations were high. Very exhaustive and 1600 kms long journey has paid off as Chéri was so amazing and she achieved some great results. She has passed the herding instinct test CANT and also CSAU which is an exam that examines dog´s social behaviour and controllability. At the end of a very busy day came the icing on the cake when Chéri won her class over 12 young females and became the BEST YOUNG BLACK FEMALE of NE 2012!!! :-)


BON CHÉRI Bella´s Liberi

Junior class - Excellent 1 (12), BEST YOUNG NOIRE FEMALE

Passed French exams:

CANT - Le Certificat d´Aptitudes Naturelles Sur Troupeau

CSAU - Le Certificat d´Sociabilite


IMG 8660

IMG 8724

You can find more images in this gallery 

Watch Chéri´s video from CANT in our videos

Monday, 20 August 2012 14:45

Polish Clubshow

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Briard Clubshow in Poland

On Saturday 18 August took place a briard clubshow in the open-air history Park in Polish Chorzow. The judges were well known specialists of the breed Mrs. Ingrid Gossens from Germany and Mr. Jean-Claude Larive from France. After 2 months break from shows our Bella´s Liberi team showed themselves excellently and here are our results.

BELLA´s LIBERI - the BEST KENNEL of the clubshow!!!

JUCCA Dalido "BELLA" - champions - Exc1, CWC

Moreover Bella became the BEST BROOD FEMALE of the show!!!

BERGERIE MYSTIQUE Bella´s Liberi - juniors - Exc2

BIJOU dans la COURONNE Bella´s Liberi - juniors - VG4

BON CHÉRI Bella´s Liberi - intermediate - Exc1, CWC

ALMA NOBLE Bella´s Liberi - champions - Exc2, resCWC

I would like to thank to Alicja, Agnieszka and Romana for a superb presentation of all Bella´s Liberi and I am also very grateful to Vašek for all the images :-)

IMG 1570

Bella JUCCA Dalido

IMG 1755

Bergerie Mystique "BONNIE"

IMG 1655

Bijou dans la Couronne "BIJOU"

IMG 1667

Bon Chéri "CHÉRI"

IMG 1682

Bella and Alma Noble "Emi"

IMG 1792

The whole photogallery from the show 

Tuesday, 07 August 2012 09:24

Ash celebrates his 3rd Birthday!

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Ash is 3 years old!!!

Ash and all his A litter siblings grew up and on 7 August they celebrated their 3rd Birthday. I wish you all a special B´day but above all  superb life with your families!

IMG 1511

Another photos from his party :-)

Chéri at the International show in Brno and obedience exams in Česká Třebová

The weekend of 23 and 24 June me and Chéri we had a girly party :-) On Saturday we participated on the International show in Brno, CZ where Chéri was very successful. The other day we  drove to Česká Třebová where the obedience exams took place. We had a very exciting but tiring weekend and after that we were looking forward to holidays in Croatia :-)


23.6.2012 International Show Brno, CZ, judge: Otakar Vondrouš (CZ)

Chéri at junior class -Exc1, CAJC, BOB Junior


24.6.2012 Exam ZOP, judge: Jindřich Hon

Chéri passed the exam with 97 points out of 100 and so she had the best result and got 1st place in competition. 

Friday, 20 July 2012 11:14

Zbraslav 2012

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Bella´s Liberi at Specialty show in Zbraslav, CZ


BERGERIE MYSTIQUE Bella´s Liberi - junior class - VG4/5

Bonnie got a very nice judgement where Mrs. Haapaniemi highlighted that she is a very feminine and beautiful young female of an excellent type but she needs more confidence in the show ring. 

BON CHÉRI Bella´s Liberi - junior class - Exc1/5, CAJC, Specialty junior winner, BOB Junior

Chéri showed herself just wonderfully and so is her result - strong female of an excellent quality. With this result Chéri met conditions for CLUB CHAMPION AND CHZECH JUNIOR CHAMPION.  

ANNOUK Bella´s Liberi - open class - Exc1, CAC, CC

Annouk became a CLUB CHAMPION. 

JUCCA DALIDO my dearest BELLA - champion class - Exc2, resCAC


IMG 0702


IMG 0776


IMG 0736


IMG 0760

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 18:35

Chérinka has her first BOB :-)

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Chérinka has her first BOB :-)

Bon Chéri Bella´s Liberi participated at double CACIB show in Slovakian Nitra. She was fantastic and so are her results :-)

9/6/2012 - judge Péter Harsányi from Hungary
Junior class - Exc1, CAJC, Best Junior, Grand Prix Slovakia Junior Winner, BOB


10/6/2012 - judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe, Sweden
Junior Class - Exc1, CAJC

With all these titles Chéri met the conditions for


Cheris 1st BOB

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