"Dogs are not our whole life,

but they make our lives whole"

                                                 Roger Caras

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Bon Chéri is an Austrian Junior Clubwinner!!!

 On April 26 a Briard Clubshow took place in Austrian Trumau. Our Chéri was the best in competition of 5 young ladies and later became 


I am really proud of you my precious! :-)


With the judge, Mr. Jacques de Brouwer from France.

Chéri is Austrian junior clubwinner

IMG 0495

cheri movement

I´m grateful to Zsofi for this lovely picture!

Boreas de Vent aka BORI has passed the ZOP working exam

 5.5.2012 Bori with his beloved owner Věrka successfully passed the ZOP exam. Few days after they participated in obedience competition and got 3rd place!!!
You both are really tallented, congratulation!!! 

Boreas de Vent


Boreas de Vent


Internationl show Riga, Latvia

9.6.2012 - judge Angel Garach Domech (ES)

Alma got EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Cruft´s Qualification 2013

10.6.2012 - judge Nina Kharatishvili (RU)


and so she met all conditions for teh title LATVIAN CHAMPION!!! 

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012 08:14

HD results

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Bon Chéri, Bergerie Mystique and Beauté du Siécle Bella´s Liberi

are officially


Sunday, 06 May 2012 10:34

Prague spring 2012

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Chéri has passed the ZZO obedience exam with an excellent result

On 8 May our young Chéri participated in the exams according to Czech national obedience rules. It was her very first exam in the age of 12 months and she´s done it with an excellent result - she got 59 points out of 60 and the judge Mrs. Miroslava Tichá really liked Chéri´s attitude!!!

IMG 0006


International Dog Show Prague 5.5.2012

Quite long and tiring journey ended up brilliantly. Four hours in a car there and the same back, well not really desirable. However, we came back happy and with the cups :-)

BON CHÉRI Bella´s Liberi - junior class - EXC1/3, CAJC, Central&East Europe Junior Winner, Cruft´s qualification 2013!!!

Jucca Dalido "BELLA" - champion class - EXC1, CAC, CACIB, Central&East Europe Winner, Cruft´s qualification 2013!!!

IMG 0167

Monday, 23 April 2012 07:43

Happy B´day B litter :-)

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Happy B´day B litter!!!

We wish a very happy birthday to all our beautiful teenagers who are just 1 year old. And so Beynac, Bori, Bao, Bonnie, Bijou, Bára, Chéri, Rosie and little Belle, enjoy your day :-) 

Chéri and Belle and their 1st birthday cake. It was so delicious that even big brother Ash and mom Bella couldn´t resist :-)

IMG 9923

Saturday, 21 April 2012 10:03

Bella's Liberi on clubshow in Netolice

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Bella's Liberi at clubshow in Netolice

On Sunday 15 April took place a clubshow in Netolice, CZ. The judge was Mr. Giannone from Belgium and Bella´s Liberi team was very successful.

Jucca "BELLA" Dalido champion class Excellent 1, CAC, CC, the best black female
Bon Chéri Bella's Liberi junior class Excellent 3
Bergerie Mystique Bella's Liberi    junior class Excellent

Bergeri Mystique "BONNIE"
Bergerie Mystique Bella's Liberi

Saturday, 03 March 2012 21:18

Ash became mascot of basketball team

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Ash became mascot of a basketball team

"The ASH"


IMG 9708


Ash has been visiting basketball practise since his puppyhood and now he was honoured by the coach Petr "Sokol" Sabol who named him an official mascot of the team. Ash is very proud of his new role and his resounding cheer was one of the things that helped the team in winning the match over Havířov. Unfortunately, there was no time for the group photo...next time :-) 


Ash basket IMG 9948
  Ash is watching an offensive action of his team.

We hope that Ash will bring good luck and many victories to his team!!!

IMG 9706 IMG 9715

Tuesday, 07 February 2012 16:28

Bella C.I.E.

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Bella met all conditions to get C.I.E.

 bella brno 2012

On saturday Bella met all conditions to get C. I. E. title. One day later she became Granchampion of Czech Republic. We are so proud for her.

Monday, 06 February 2012 18:38

Duo CACIB Brno 4. 2. - 5. 2. 2012

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Duo CACIB Brno 4. 2. - 5. 2. 2012



4. 2.

Boreas de Vent BL            male junior class  Exc2
Bergerie Mystique BL female junior class Exc2
Bella female champion class     Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB



Boreas de Vent BL              male junior class Exc3
Bon Chéri BL    female junior class Exc1, CAJC, BOB Junior
Bella female champion class     Exc1, CAC, CACIB

bella brno 2012 2      bonnie show2

cheri show2

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