"Dogs are not our whole life,

but they make our lives whole"

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Wednesday, 19 January 2022 13:10

XXVI Briard and Beauceron Clubshow of Poland 2021

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Bella´s Liberi triumph at Polish Briard clubshow 2021

16 October 2021, Poland

 Judge:  Jean Pierre Lasselin, France

 Bella's Liberi blackies and their results. I'm very grateful and humble, but WE WON IT ALL :-)

FEEL LIKE ABROZ aka NORRIS (Tizi x Chéri) - champion class - EXC1/2, CWC, BEST BLACK MALE, CLUBWINNER, BOB!!!

DAZZLE MY LILLY (Lennox x Chéri) - open class - EXC1/2, CWC, BEST BLACK BITCH, CLUBWINNER, BOS!!!

FUNKY VIRGINIA (Tizi x Chéri) - champions - EXC1, CWC

BON CHÉRI (Raziel x Bella) - veterans - EXC1

KENZIE ANGENIE (Toro x Lily) - intermediate - EXC1, CWC

Bella's Liberi - 3rd best breeding group (out of many briard and beauceron groups together)

BON CHÉRI - 2nd best brood bitch (again briards and beaucerons together)

Norris as CLUBWINNER and BOB and Lily as Clubwinner and BOS!!!NorrisBOB LilyBOS pl klubova

 Norris BOB of XXVI Briard and Beauceron Clubshow of Poland
norris pl klubova BOB
norrisBOB pl klubova
Kenzie - winner of intermediate class
kenzie pl klubova
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