"Dogs are not our whole life,

but they make our lives whole"

                                                 Roger Caras

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Chéri´s triumph at Czech Clubshow in Němčice and National show in Poland

The weekend of 6 and 7 October was very busy for us. On Saturday we attended the Czech Briard Clubshow in the beautiful surroundings of Němčice in the Central Bohemia. The judge was Mrs. Ingrid Gossens from Germany. In the competition of 60 briards we did very well and I would like to express my huge thanks to all who take a superb care of our Bella´s Liberi briards. 

BERGERIE MYSTIQUE Bella´s Liberi - junior class - Exc3/4

Bonnie showed herself just beautifully and she got an amazing evalution. We are very proud of you!

Bergerie Mystique


IMG 0152

BON CHÉRI Bella´s Liberi - intermediate class - Exc1/2, CAC, CC, BEST NOIRE FEMALE, the CLUBWINNER!!!

Chéri is purely and simply our twinkle star! Above all she is the most easy-going girl ever and then she is just gorgeous. She makes me happy every single day and I am so grateful I can have her!!!

Moreover, Chéri got the full breeding permission.

IMG 0172



ANNOUK Bella´s Liberi - champion class - Exc1/2, CAC, CC

Annouk is a very pretty briard lady, a debutant of our kennel whose greatest achievements are the titles of Clubchampion of CZ and UEBB winner 2011!



IMG 2761



The next day we went to a Polish National dog show in Rybník. We had a terrible weather, as it was pouring all the time and the show took place outdoor. We were soaking wet and I am sure you can imagine the look of a wet briard...no great shakes! We were judged by Mrs. Anna Kochan. 

BON CHÉRI Bella´s Liberi - intermediate class - Exc1, CWC, BEST FEMALE, BOB!!!


At the moment we take some break from shows and we try to pass some working exams with Chéri and Ash. And later on, in the mid November Bella´s puppies will arrive, so no time for anything else :-)