"Dogs are not our whole life,

but they make our lives whole"

                                                 Roger Caras

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"H" litter Bella´s Liberi

On November 21, Lily gave birth to 12 gorgeous puppies, all black. We have 7 boys and 5 girls and they are just lovely!!!

If you wish to own one of our puppies from this unique combination, don´t hesitate to contact us! We have boys and girls available!

Info and frequent updates on puppies







(CIE. Sel. RUSH GUCCI Dalido x Ch. ZOUZULA Duovarius)

HD A/A, CSNB clear, eU free

Junior World Winner 2013

Champion of Poland

Junior champion of Poland

Junior Champion of Slovakia

Grand Prix Slovakia Junior Winner 

Best black male of Czech briard clubshow ´14 (P. Jacoulot)

Best black male of briard clubshow PL ´14 (J. de Brouwer)

Club Winner PL 2014




GCh. Sel. DAZZLE MY LILLY Bella´s Liberi


(Ch. Woodlooks JUST A GIGOLO x CIE. CIB. Sel. BON CHÉRI Bella´s Liberi)

HD A/A, CSNB - clear, eU free


Club Junior Champion

Junior Champion CZ

Junior Champion SK

Club champion CZ

Grand champion SK

Champion SK

Champion PL

Czech briard SPECIALTY WINNER + BOB 2016




TOP YOUNG BRIARD of Briard club CZ 2016

Junior winner of Czech briard specialty 2015 (Monique Weber, F)

 Junior winner, BOJ and BOB of Czech clubshow 2015 (Max Jones. GB)

EXC1, VDH-CHA of UEBB Wietzen 2016 (Hervé Blasselle)

EXC1, VDH-CHA, resCAC of German clubshow 2016 (J. Ebels)


BIG 1, BIG 2, BIG 3

Grand Prix Junior winner 2015

Cruft´s qualification 2016, 2017, 2018

Working exams: BH, ZZO (obedience and behaviour test)


Pedigree of H litter puppies

H litter pedigree



Lily is in many ways a very unique female - the fact that she is a real beauty can be proved by her multiple titles despite her young age and very limited showing. I may just add that she is an unbelievably elegant and attractive female, with perfect scissor bite, strong teeth and jaws, very dark eyes, strong bones and broad chest, top quality and rich coat which has the touch of grey. She doesm´t move, she flies! She is very sweet and cuddly and she loves any kind of action. She is my baby briard lady who inherited not only beauty but more importantly the spirit and charisma after her mommy Chéri. Simply she is the best and I love her so much!!!

Lily is the only girl of our amazing D litter. Her brothers and herself have grown into gorgeous and healthy briards who make their owners very happy. The official results of HD A - Dazzle My Lilly, Depeche Mode, Darth Vader, Daddy´s Boy, Dream Black, HD B - Dearest Herbert.  Lily´s  brothers are also very handsome and if they go to shows they always excel! Moreover Dearest Herbert is active in obedience and Dream Black (Selectionné France, Swiss champion) in herding sheep. In short this D litter is very balanced in both character and exterior, all puppies have a lot of bones, are of a strong body build, very perspective for shows and breeding and have real zest for work. 




ANGANDO ANUKAS NEGRO Duovarius aka Gando

Gando is a very attractive Polish stud who have drew my attention a long time ago. I like his natural beauty and very solid, friendly and ubelievably happy character. Also his pedigree is full of amazing briards many of whom I knew personally. He is a middle sized dog, has very strong bones, deep chest, firm top line, long neck, excellent quality of coat, his eyes are black and he is just gorgeous - very elegant and typical example of what a briard should be - brain and beauty I would say. What is also very important are his health tests which are just excellent - HD A/A, CSNB clear, eU free. I believe that I chose a great partner to my Lily and that their babies will hopefully bring a lot of quality into the briard world.